Seeking input on Nevy Brothers
Letter No. 214 | December 16, 2000

I am the granddaughter of the youngest Nevy brother, who worked at the Nevy Brothers Store on Main Street (?) [Vintondale], and I am writing a family novel.

If it weren't for that store, I wouldn't be alive today—because my grandmother came to work for them there, and met and married my grandfather!

If anyone who is old enough to remember this store could please send me some memories or anything that might be worth including in my story (encounters you had with the Nevy's—be it good or bad), please email me at

A. Lander

p.s. Beautiful website, and getting better all the time!

Webmaster's note: Thank you. Do you have access to Denise Duzsa Weber's book on Vintondale? It has many references to the Nevy Brothers (not, of course, to discount that additional anecdotes may be out there for the finding). Good luck in your quest.

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