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Letter No. 213 | December 13, 2000


I'm from Nanty Glo and when my sister said that Nanty Glo has a web site, I just had to try it out. I'm glad I did.

I was born in town in 1937 and in '56, I went to Texas and came back in 57. Joined the army and came out when the steel mills and coal mines were on strike, both at the same time. You could not buy a job.

I left and went to Delaware to see my brother and was going to go back in the service. Got a job with RCA and stayed in Delaware. Left RCA and took up a machines job in Pennsylvania. I now live in West Chester, Pa., married, and retired this year.

If you did not know, there is a web site called and Nanty Glo, Blacklick and Vintondale are in it.

I'm now reading about your trip to Nantyglo in England. My wife and I spent a week over in Worcester, England, for the company we work for. It was near Wales and Scotland, but in England. Thanks for the web site.

Don Ciotti

Webmaster's note: I don't mean to slam, but are you aware that if you attended any of the five Blacklick Valley high schools since 1930, your class has its own page online? Photos, memorabilia, reunion announcements and "reviews," and linked personal home pages are offered. Not only is there no charge, but unlike that other site you don't even have to register to access this one. Click here to access the Blacklick Valley schools gateway.

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