A youth, and life, in Blacklick Valley
Letter No. 212 | December 8, 2000


My name is Art Wurm, I graduated in 1960 from Nanty Glo-Vintondale. I remember you as a youth. As I read your web site, it helped me to think of the wonderful childhood we had.

I was a 30-year steelworker in Johnstown. I married Louise Little, also class of 1960. She is now senior activities director for Nanty Glo. On Wednesday night, I was elected president of the Blacklick Valley School Board. I am retired. I can hardly believe being president; I wish some of my teachers could see this.

I just got this machine and I'm not very good at typing; please excuse all of my mistakes. I have 3 grown children: Garry, 36; Kim, 35, and Jennifer, 26. Garry played pro baseball for the Pittsburgh orginization and California Angels. Kim works for Penn State and owns a memorial business in State College. Jen works in the Nanty Glo clinic as a medical assistant. I have 4 grandchildren.

As a boy, I remember hanging out with Dave Adams. He is probably a year older than you. My Nanty Glo friends were Walt Galko, Paul Lefko, Mario Deyulis, etc.

I have a good memory, and times were wonderful. I don't know if I am doing this the right way but I would like my email address put by my name [on the Nanty Glo-Vintondale High School Class of '60 page]. If there is anyway I can help, please ask. Some of the Blacklick guys i know were Bob Madill, the Skibecks, Vern and Francis, Don Maniccia.

I think this is great. It helps reunite people.

Art Wurm and Louise [Little] Wurm
We both are class of 1960

Webmaster's note: I do remember you and all the other names you mention, Art. Thanks for writing, and, especially, congratulations on your election as president of the school board, a great honor and responsibility.

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