Memories of Nanty Glo
Letter No. 209 | November 19, 2000


My name is Helen (Bichko) Yaronczyk, class of Nanty Glo High School 1952, presently living in Brook Park, Ohio. I remember dances in the Fire Hall, sodas at Slims Newstand, basketball at the UAW Hall, burgers at Parks Cafe and Hagens Restaurant with Officer Yokitis ("Snorkey" keeping the kids safe and out of trouble.

My husband, John J. Yaronczyk, Sr., also lived in Nanty Glo, on Christoff Street. His brother, Stush (Stanley) and wife, Viv, still live up Heisley Row.

I received this computer for my birthday and found the Nanty Home Page by accident, and am thoroughly thrilled at finding my roots again.

I am retired from Brook Park Police Dept after 25 years as dispatcher/matron. John is deceased, as of 1982. If anyone from '52 class would like to e-mail me, feel free; it will be good to hear from classmates.

This is a short note for now; plan to try to send some history notes of N-Glo when I go thru some paperwork I have. Till then, thanks for the website. My e-mail is .

Till next time....
Helen Y.

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