More memories of flying ace Buzz Wagner
Letter No. 206 | November 11, 2000
Was suprised to come upon Nanty Glo after calling for Nanty Glo Wales, as I met a cashier at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas who informed me that "Nanty Glo," in Welsh,  really does mean "Streams of Coal."

I too, like Boyd Wagner, was in the Army Air Corps during WW II and was one of those young men that served during that war.  I was honored in that the VFW asked me to fly an airplane and spread "Poppies" from three flyovers below where military ceremonies were being held by the VFW to honor the WW II veterans. My brother, Marion, was a classmate and friend of Boyd Wagner and of course I held him in great respect and I do believe that he was my inspiration to join the Army Air Corps to become a fighter pilot. It was a shame that he died on a cross-country flight, but he crashed in the forests of Florida where there are very few landing areas.

Must make one comment in that this website is really greatkeep it up.

Raymond Lekawa

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