Johnstowner notes discrepancy in
Buzz Wagner article
Letter No. 205 | November 11, 2000
I was just kind of idly surfing the web, and I did a web search on "Buzz Wagner," the WWII air force hero.  I've always been interested in him, because my understanding is that he at one time lived on Irene Street in the Eighth Ward section of Johnstown, near where I was born and raised, and that his family continued to live there for some time after the war.  At least that is the story I remember hearing in my childhood during the 1950's.Anyway, I came upon your "Buzz Wagner, Nanty Glo's World War II Air Force hero" page by Frank Charney and found it interesting.  I hadn't realized there was a Nanty Glo connection.  However, I also found a puzzling discrepancy.  On Frank's page, the statement is made that Wagner is buried "at Forest Lawn Cemetery, located on the Frankstown Road above Johnstown, on the road to South Fork."  But, if you look at, it states that he is buried in Grandview Cemetery in Johnstown, and even provides a photo of his grave and marker.  This ties in with the Johnstown Eighth Ward neighborhood I mentioned, since Grandview is only a stone's throw away.By the way, I found browsing through your Nanty Glo web site fascinating.  It's extremely well done.
Bob Cooper
Webmaster's note: Frank Charney pointed up the discrepancy about the site of burial after his article on Wagner was published here. I published his letter but failed to change the original article. My apologies. —jk

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