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Mid-East hostility hits close to home
Letter No. 203 | October 21, 2000

Dear Fellow Neighbors:

The events of the past week have hit close to my heart. I am speaking of the ruthless attack on the USS Cole in Yemen. I am retired from the Navy as well as some family members, Webb McCullough from Nanty Glo, for one, an Uncle. The support that the American people have shown for our fallen heroes is overwhelming and heartwarming. I'm sure fellow Nanty Glo neighbors felt grief and anger over these senseless deaths and injuries.

Being from our wonderful little town, I can only pray that nobody's loved one from our area was among the casualties, but all servicemen are our neighbors and friends. I retired in 1992 and also am a Vietnam Vet and a Desert Storm Vet. I was in 1987 fighting fires and recovering some fallen comrades then too when the USS Stark was hit with two Exorcet missiles from an Iraqi Mirage jet. I know the feeling all too well.

Fellow Nanty-Glo neighbors please pray for the ones who have lost their lives for our freedom and those injured. Email me if you have anything to say; it's TTMCCUL1077@aol.com. By the way sorry to hear about a fellow neighbor passing away. I believe his name was Tom? My sorrow for his family. Thanks for letting me talk to all of you again.

Best regards,
Tim McCulough

Webmaster's note: Thank you and all who've sent condolences in the sudden passing of Tom Kennedy, my brother and an occasional contributor to these pages.

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