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1950 class reunion picture
and football topics
Letter No. 201 | October 13, 2000

Hi Jon,

I've been waiting to send an official 1950 class reunion picture, but it doesn't look like it will ever arrive; therefore, I am emailing a picture taken with my camera.

The list of 31 classmates who attended the reunion is as follows:

First row: Marion (Myers) Butz, Ella Pillock (maiden name), Helen Marie (Hrapchack) Illig, Lois Evans (maiden name), Mildred (Byich) Fenchalk, Freda (Daughenbaugh) Bush, Virginia (Seliga) Farkas, Mary Scappino (maiden name), Janie (Davie) Toth, Katie (Berdomas) Soyka, and Wilbur Swanhart.

Second row: Mary (Patarini) Dougherty, Shirley Yoder, Ona (Anderson) Gohn, Sally (Prindle) Bogavich, James Gallagher, Robert Lezzer, Bob Rhodes, Dick Fye, Marquerite (Travis) Johnston, and Louellan (Shaner) Sekerak. Third row: Frank Charney, Mike Bober, Mike Bzdyl, Matthew Wadium, Bill Mehalko, Donald Kelly, Stanley Saflarsky, Clyde Lingar, Hobart Rose, and John Dropcho.

Reverting to the subject of football, a recent Nanty Glo Journal article gave the background of new Blacklick Valley football coach, James Poldiak. He played high school football at Forest Hills in Sidman and his collegiate career was spent at Slippery Rock University. In college, he was a three-year starter at quarterback and a four-year letterman. His resume includes two years as the head freshman coach at Potomac Falls High School in Sterling, Virginia, and a one-year role as an assistant coach at Penn Cambria High School in Cresson. Presently, he is doing penance as head of the Blacklick Valley Vikings.

Continuing with football, the movie, Remember the Titans, was based on the integration in 1971 of upperclassmen from three high schools in Alexandria, Virginia. The freshman and sophomores stayed at their respective schools and continued junior varsity sports. The schools were merged into T. C. Williams, which kept its name. At the time, T.C. Williams was about 30 percent black; the second, George Washington,about 60 percent; and the third, Hammond, described as “half a percent.”

The 1971 team won the Virginia State championship with an undefeated season of 12 wins and no losses. T. C. Williams remained a Northern Virginia powerhouse for many years, winning many regional and state titles. Recently, the team celebrated the premiere of the movie by suffering its worst defeat in its 30-year history with a score 54-0.

Best regards,
Frank Charney

Webmaster's note: The photo, previewed here, will be put on the NGLHS Class of '50 pages ASAP.

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