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Kudos for the Nanty Glo Home Page

Letter No. 2 | October 1997

I think it's great you've created this page. I lived in Nanty Glo from 1982 until the summer of 1991 when I moved to Pittsburgh to obtain a degree in art, and later came to Los Angeles to get into the Film-Effects Industry. I love it out here in Southern California and wouldn't give it up for the world, but there is definitely something special when I visit "Glo-Town" during the holidays.

I have considered dedicating a web page to Nanty Glo, but decided instead to work on a fully rendered 3D-navigation map utilizing USGS elevation data. This is something I've been attempting to do in my "spare" time, so I'll finish it "someday." You know how that goes. Who knows, maybe you will spark other Nanty Glo-related content on the web. Cheers,

—Michael Kaschalk, Walt Disney Feature Animationnnnn
(818) 526-3285 kaschalk@fa.disney.com

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