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Good times in a small town;
yearning for days gone by
Letter No. 199 | October 4, 2000

Growing up in Nanty Glo in the 'fifties brings back many fond memories. Many a Saturday afternoon was spent at the Capital watching the matinee. I lived for the days when I could go to Rusty's gas station on Lloyd Street to put pennies in the gumball machine. On Cardiff Road was Malcotti's Bar, where every Friday we would get the fish fry. Talk about good! My Aunt and Uncle would bring it home for us.

Oh, the rides at Old Home Week! The carnival was the best!

I remember my first grade teacher, Mrs. Parks, like it was yesterday! Second grade was Mrs. Beechey; third Mrs. Myers, and fifth, Mrs. Little, whose husband owned Little's Hardware where my cousin Patty (Cohick) McMullen worked.

Fourth Grade, the teacher's name is on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember it for the world. Obviously, that person didn't leave an impression on me. My apologies to her family.

I have memories of getting water from the spring. That water was cold!

One thing that really sticks in my mind is going to church; Baptist, I believe. I remember Rev. Bell. I believe he was British! We would have a giant Sunday dinner afterwards. I never ate so much in my life!

I don't think the small town values have changed since I left there in 1964, when we moved to Johnstown. Some of my family still live there, and I consider it home. Thanks for listening to my memories.

Tim McCullough
Norfolk, Virginia
USN Retired

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