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'Triangle' before 'Pinehurst'
Letter No. 197 | September 17, 2000

Just to set the record straight regarding one of the email comments on your Chapter One, the Pinehurst was not the original name of the restaurant at the "Y" near Belsano. The restaurant was first occupied by the Hahl family and was named the “Triangle Inn.” We were occupants from 1933-1941 (built and moved to the Hill Top Inn in 1941). Everytime I drive by the restaurant, I reflect many good memories.

Lou Hahl

Webmaster's Note: Thanks for a fun fact and historical footnote, Lou. I hadn't known the Hahls were the founders of the Triangle. Being born in 1942, the Hilltop Inn was “always” there to me, but my recollection (probably provided by something overheard) was that the Pinehurst was the name the Philbrooks brought to it, and that they were not its original proprietors. It's nice to see that the now-unnamed but usually called Triangle Restaurant is still in operation after most other eateries in the valley have become extinct. —Jon


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