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Letter No. 186 | July 14, 2000
Hi Jon, 

First, I would like to express thanks in creating and maintaining the Nanty Glo web site. It certainly portrays you as a hard working and generous individual willing to contribute his considerable writing and webmaster skills to benefit Blacklick Valley viewers and former natives. I know during my recent years of retirement I have enjoyed communicating and sharing the many memories your site has provided. 

The recent letter about Capital Theater memorabilia from Marion Myers Butz, a 1950 NGHS classmate, is an example of recalling the past from 50 years ago. The years since have passed by only too swiftly. Also, I am willing to email you the remaining class listings* intermittently to save you the burden. 

In reply to Bette (Daniels) Kleitches of Texas in her search for the Moodys, I was acquainted long ago with Wesley Moody who was a family member. My search for persons on the web site lists a Wesley Moody residing at 381 Holiday Park Drive, Pittsburgh, PA (phone 412-795-6644). The 1942 Nanty Glo High School class listing also lists a James Moody, probably another family member, who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is a retired IRS director. A web search of persons at the Las Vegas address listed two James Moodys. 

Again, enjoy your forthcoming visit to the Blacklick Valley Area. I visited over the past weekend and viewed the Blacklick Creek renovation project to prevent future flooding. The engineering work extends a considerable distance along the river banks on either side of the Blacklick Creek bridge and was certainly an impressive sight. 

Best Regards,
Frank Charney
*The reference is to newspaper articles about past graduating classes. Many thanks, Frank! —webmaster


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