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Does anyone remember Moodys?

Letter No. 185 | July 9, 2000


I was surfing and found your site quite by accident. What a wonderful surprise to see that Nanty Glo and all of its citizens are alive and well. I live in Texas now so nobody here has ever heard of Nanty Glo and do not know how to spell Pennsylvania. I am from Johnstown originally and sure do miss the Pennsylvania mountains. Seeing your pictures sure brings back many memories.

I have relatives from Nanty Glo. The Moodys, who later moved to Mundys Corner where they owned a gas station. Does anyone out there remember this family?

I read your letters and the unique words used in that part of the country. I recently got a dinge in my auto and forgot and used the word to the repair shop. He thought I was crazy. Oh how I remember all of the sayings. My father used to use the word hicky for anything that he wanted us to get for him. Also the birm of road, customarily the shoulder. I really enjoyed my vist to your site and will visit again soon. Meantime keep up the good work.

Bette (Daniels) Kleitches

I do remember Moody's gas station at Mundy's Corner and also used to read the Moody Monthly for years (sorry—“in” joke). Thank you for bringing up the language idiosyncracies again; it's always fun...I still argue for “dinge”—how can anything get “dingy-looking” if it hasn't had a few dinges? Do please visit again.—webmaster


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