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Letter No. 184 | July 8, 2000

Hi Jon,

A little more Capitol Theater memorabilia. On one occasion during the war years there was a Saturday morning show for children and admission was an aluminum pot or pan. I remember collecting these items from friends, neighbors, and relatives. It must have been quite a sight to see this happy band of children on their way to the theater. I remember being very proud to contribute to the war effort. I do not remember what we saw, but I do remember we all stood and sang the National Anthem before the show, as we did before all the shows during the war years.

Another bit of memorabilia: I remember going to a Sunday matinee to see a Humphrey Bogart movie with Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre, not exactly children's fare, and we were given a free pack of new candy, M&Ms. I don't think I appreciated them as much as my grandchildren do today.

Happy Fourth of July,
Marion Myers Butz

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