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VHS Class of '30 had 70th anniversary reunion; info on Liberty Theater minstrel photo

Letter No. 183 | July 3, 2000

The June 28, 2000, issue of the Nanty Glo Journal showed a 70th class reunion of four of the five surviving members of the 1930 graduating class of the former Vintondale High School. God bless them. They are: Ann (Sileck) Pytash of Vintondale and Rose (Williams) Felton, Helen (Kuchenbrod) Boozle, and Phoebe (Michelbacher) Hess, all from Johnstown. The 1930 Vintondale school class listing on the Nanty Glo web site for Phoebe Michelbacher, or Mrs. Hess, is shown as deceased, but the report of her demise must be slightly exaggerated, as Mark Twain once remarked.

Also on the Nanty Glo Forum for the photo of the 1940 High School minstrel show at the Liberty Theater, I have identified the two ladies in gowns on the extreme left as Jennie Ceria (deceased), a 1941 NGHS graduate, and Miss Irene Gebacz, a 1942 NGHS graduate who presently resides in Nanty Glo. The tall woman in the lady's suit on the extreme right appears to be Rosemary Patterson who taught Home Economics at NGHS in the late 1940s when I attended high school. This time period would place her more positively in the photo . With several people now identified, this should be a key for viewers to identify others.

Best Regards, Frank Charney

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