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Recollections of WWII hero fighter pilot Buzz Wagner

Letter No. 170 | March 26, 2000

In his article about Boyd (Buzz) Wagner, Frank Charney wondered if I knew Boyd. I knew him for many years. We went to school together. I believe Boyd was the neatest boy in school. To see him you, (you) might have thought he was a sissy. But he was far from it.

I had his mother as my third grade teacher and I believe his neatness was probaly at her insistence. He often came to school dressed in a suit. I can say that I got a good start in math from his mother. Boyd lived in the tile house across from the Wagner School.

His father was one of the bosses at Heisley Mines. I had heard that at one time he played semi-pro baseball. There were only four members in the family: father, mother, Boyd and his sister, Phyllis. I don't know where the name Buzz comes from, but one day he saluted the town by buzzing it for several minutes. I remember when he did it. The noise was extremely loud.

George Dilling

Webmaster's note: Another great contribution to our area's history and lore, George; thank you. Let me raise two questions: was he known by “Buzz” before his military career began, when you were in school? And, was Wagner School named for him, or, if you know, named in honor of some other member of his family? —Jon

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