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Irish national likes our travelogues

Letter No. 169 | March 25, 2000

Dear Jon &Tom,

A Chairde,

I am a 63-year-old Gael and I have just read the account of your travels in Ireland. I first want to compliment you both on your writing skills. It is very natural and descriptive, not only of our beautiful country but also of your feelings as you viewed and experienced the countryside, roads and people.

My son Niall it was brought your web page to my attention as he thought it was very interesting, especially your photography. It is indeed very beautiful; you got all the right views and your composites are very good.

Reading the account of your travels, I was struck by the high mileage you travelled on some days. I know some other Americans who did the same thing, so maybe its a cultural thing? An essential part of any visit to Ireland is taking time out to get a feel for the place or taste the ambience.

Being a native and knowing Ireland as well as I do, I would say that you did too much in too little time and while you were apparently overwhelmed by it all, the visit could have been a lot nicer had you taken your time. I liked the time you took to learn, record and translate the placenames in our native language (which, by the way, is the first, official language), so many people overlook this and miss a great deal by so doing. Gleann da Locha means the Glen of the two Lakes.

I would be pleased to discuss Ireland and/or your travels with you any time, or if you do not have time for that, consider me a source of information which you can contact anytime. I have a deep love of my country and I like to share it with those who have a similar interest as you obviously do. I have a good knowledge of the Language, Topography, and Placenames.

I live in “The big smoke,” Dublin, but know the country intimately. By the way, Brian Boro (Boruimhe), the high King of Ireland 1002 to 1014, came from the Clann (family) O'Cinneide (Kennedy) You trod their ancient territory (Tuatha) when you visited Killaloe and its environs.

Ta suil agam go mbeidhmid ag scriobh lena ceile, go luath. Idir an dha linn, tog go bog e.

I hope you are both healthy and well, Le mor meas,

Liam Healy

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