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'Spent an hour in Nanty Glo'; looking for cousin Betty Tubo

I just spent almost an hour in Nanty Glo. So excited when I found the webpage. I just read about the hitch-hiking, and felt that I had to write to someone there. I recognized the names Sam & Dave Campbell. My cousin, Bud Divido, ran around with them, and I remember seeing the three of them together at my Aunt Faye and Uncle Joe (Divido's) house. Oh how I miss my favorite aunt and uncle. I recall so many visits....

My mother and father both from Nanty Glo: Ronald and Marguerite (McMullen) Cavanaugh. Mom passed in 1969, and Dad is now 80 yrs old. He will be so excited when I inform him of the web page. He lives here in Akron, OH, where all five of us siblings live. I just want to jot this, and get back to Nanty Glo.

I'm looking for my cousin, Betty Tubo. I have been interested in finding info on the many relatives I have in Nanty Glo. Cousin Bud Divido said the one for me to contact is Betty. Any available help would be appreciated.

Joyce (Cavanaugh) Hickman

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