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'Old Codger' checks in, from 1937 in Nanty Glo

Just a note to say thank you for the latest letter of explanation, which helped me immensely. Being very new at this whole concept, I have been experimenting “in the dark” as to how to proceed to get the infomation I'd like to have.

Being an old codger , my days in Nanty Glo go all the way back to 1936 and early 37. They were good days and I remember them fondly as do I remember some of the great kids I grew up with and am now seeing if I can reassociate with them if they are still alive.

Thanks again, and I'll keep trying. My name is Leroy McCandless, son of Rev. C.N. McCandless, who was the Pastor of the Methodist Church when we were there. Would be glad to hear from anyone who may still remember us from way back then. I can be reached in Florida on email: Princely@webtv.net.

E-ya later!


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