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Hello Jon,

Sorry I haven't been in contact for a while, but I'm glad to hear that you located a good job near your home in San Jose. It must be great to be back home with your wife, family and close friends.

Presently, I have volunteered to assist seniors, or anyone in the low- to-middle-level income range, with free assistance in filing their taxes. It's called the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Tax-Aide program. The tax assistance deals with specific tax issues that are especially relevant to older adults, such as how one deals with pensions, investments in stocks, social security and other kinds of retirement benefits. A volunteer attends five days of classes just prior to tax season. Following these sessions the volunteer is certified by scoring 80 percent on a 15-hour take-home exam prepared by the IRS (believe me, it isn't a snap). There are schedules and forms that the AARP Tax-Aide does not touch like rental income, clergy or farms.

I was sorry to read about the car pedestrian accident that took the life of Mrs. Mary (Brown) Rudolph. Mary was a fun-loving person and a high school classmate of mine who I knew well. She will be missed at the 50-year Nanty Glo High School reunion planned for this year. I have also attached a message I received from Marge Dietrich. I vividly recall Dietrich's Hardware as a youngster and thought my recollection of her grandfather and the store would be of interest to her.

Also, your advice to utilize the website "Google" was excellent. As an exercise I entered "Boyd 'Buzz' Wagner" and got a lot of information about him, including a picture of the impressive monument dedicated to him at Johntown's Grandview Cemetery.

Best Wishes, Frank Charney

Webmaster's reply: It's been 18 years or so since I've had a wife (but who's counting!) but it is nice to be back again with my grown children and grandchildren and friends. I'm glad you like the Google “virtual index.” Now, if'll you look at the very bottom of your Home Page Front Page, there's an even better index of the site, which has indexes only the Nanty Glo and its sister Silicon Valley Today sites. Check it out. (And let me know if you don't see it; it's the next to the last thing on the page...but some browsers may not be compatible with the Java that runs it.) Finally, apologies for taking so long to publish your letter; I've been inundated with new Home Page tasks, working on major changes, some of which you've probably notices. Now, Ms Dietrich's letter attached from your's, Frank. —Jon

Dear Mr. Charney:

Thank you so much for your message. I am not sure of the exact year that my grandfather sold the store, but I believe it to be around 1945, maybe later than that. He loved to hunt, hence all the mounted animals.

My father went to Catholic University in Washington and married my mother there and lived there the rest of his life. He died in 1982. In fact, my grandmother left Nanty Glo several years after my grandfather died and had an apartment apartment near where my parents lived in the D.C. area.

I do remember the McDermotts, especially Judy. My sister and I used to go and see her when we were in Nanty Glo. I hope to visit there again one day. I haven't been back since my grandfather died, a long time ago.

Thanks again for sharing your memories with me,

From: Francis Charney to Ms Dietrich:

Dear Marge,

I saw your post on the Nanty Glo website and wanted to inform you that I remember Dietrich's Hardware when I was a youngster growing up in Nanty Glo. It's hard to believe that it goes all the way back to 1945. Is that when it closed? I am a 1950 graduate of Nanty Glo High School, (now) in my late sixties, and presently retired. I reside in Alexandria, Virginia, after retiring five years ago from the Federal Government. I am a frequent contributor to the Nanty Glo web site, but haven't done much lately.

I still, however, maintain my nostalgic fascination with Nanty Glo's past and return there occasionally to visit relatives. I recall your grandfather as a tall, impressive man with a solid build, who was mostly bald. I can also visualize another male employee of the hardware who was short and heavy, but don't remember his name. I know, however, that he was a regular, long time employee.

The feature of the hardware that I best remember were several huge deer heads that were mounted high in back of the service counter. Everything in the hardware was always arranged in good, orderly fashion. I can't help you with the Metzler name, because I don't recall them. There was Lekawa's Bakery, and names like the McDermotts and Dugans who resided on or near First Street back then. Neither do I remember your father. Does he still reside in the Washington DC area? I thought you might be interested in my brief flashes of memory.

Best Wishes, Frank

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