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Who remembers Deitrich's Hardware?

Letter No. 157 | February 6, 2000        

I found your site recently...my grandfather was A.A. Dietrich, and he owned a hardware store in Nanty Glo for many years...prior to 1945, I guess. My father, Cyril E. Dietrich, grew up in Nanty Glo and then went to college in Washington, D.C. where he met and married my mother and settled there.

I spent every summer when I was growing up in Nanty Glo...visiting my grandparents. I remember the town very well...though I guess a lot has changed. My grandparents died in the '50s. I remember Metzie and Hemp Metzler who lived in a house that faced the railroad tracts in the center of town...I used to visit them quite often...and their niece Judy...can't remember her surname now.

Is there anyone there that remembers them?

My email address is: MLDIETR@IBM.NET

Margaret L. Dietrich (Marge)

I am now living in Vienna, Austria, but I will receive any message you send.

Webmaster's note: I remember it well. Well...actually I have no "picture" of Dietrich's in my mind (unlike Levinsons' from when I was four or five years old) or even its location, but I remember that it was one of my father's favorite stores in those days and I do remember "going to Dietrich's" or his sending Mom to get some item, with me in tow. —jon

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