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New store in Nanty Glo; traffic
death on Shoemaker Street


Letter No. 156 | January 29, 2000        

Hello Jon,

I just had to let you know that we're starting to move up in the world! Today was the opening day for our first actual "store" that we've had in town in a-l-o-n-g time. The discount store, "Dollar General," opened at 1:30 today with much awaited anticipation!

I think that was the hot topic in town for the last couple of months! Not only did the Dollar General open but last week another business, an outlet store, opened at the top of Pergrim Hill across from Sheetz. It is so nice to have businesses opening instead of closing, which is what we've come to expect around here!

On a sad note, a longtime resident, Mary Rudolph, was struck and killed by a car on Sunday evening in front of Rite Aid. I think everyone in town knew Mary, especially since she didn't drive and she walked "everywhere" in town. She will definitely be missed.

Just wanted to let you know the happenings around town!

Bonnie Farabaugh

PS Al's Pizza shop is still going strong, no chance of that business closing, lol!

Webmaster's note: Curious minds want to know...is the Dollar store in an older existing building or a new one, and where? And since the dollar stores killed off the five and tens (with a little help with Wal-Mart) is it as good as the Ell and Gee? (Kidding of course; the Ell and Gee was killed off over four decades ago. Who remembers Commons' Five and Ten?) And I can't wait to try some of Al's Pizza next time I'm back "home." Thanks for the news, Bonnie.

Condolences to those who will remember Mary Rudolph.—jon

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