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Letter No. 153 | December 25, 1999        

I went to my computer the other day and typed Nanty Glo Pa. and much to my delight up came your website. The last time I was in Nanty Glo was about 1950. My mother, along with her two sisters and five brothers, were raised on a farm near Nanty Glo. The family moved to Detroit in the late 1920's.

My mother died a few years ago at the age of 83. She was the last of the Dunmire children. My mother's cousin was Rita Wharton. If I remember right, Rita and her husband Paul lived on a river that ran to or maybe from the coal mine.

The other thing that I remember is a street that went up a hill and it was blocked off at the top because the cars at the time could not climb the hill. I understand my grandfather is buried in the cemetery at Holy Name Church in Ebensburg.

In May of 2000, I am going to retire from the Boeing Co. in Seattle where I have worked for more than 39 years. I'm looking forward to doing some traveling and maybe getting back to Nanty Glo.

Dick McCulloch
Federal Way, Wa.

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