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A great visit to Nantyglo, Wales

Letter No. 152 | November 21, 1999        

We would just like everyone who's interested in sister-city Nantyglo, Wales, to know what a really great visit we had there in October. We owe much of our great memories to Rob and Glenn James who so graciously took time from their busy lives to welcome us to their village. We would also like to acknowledge Jim and Tinna, landlords of The Golden Lion, and manager, Tracey, for their wonderful hospitality.

The weather was at it's absolute worst during our visit and without all these good people we probably would have come away feeling a little disappointed. We have seen Jon's beautiful pictures of the village and the countryside, but we couldn't get much with all the rain and mist, but would like to share one of our best with you. If anyone is considering a trip to Nantyglo, don't be hesitant; you won't be disappointed!!

Ed & Allyson Simmers

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