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More about war hero Buzz Wagner

Letter No. 151 |
November 17, 1999

I read Frank Charney's article concerning the heroics of "Buzz Wagner." Just a footnote concerning the WWII hero...Buzz was born in Emeigh (the northern tip of Cambria County).... Sad to say, people living in Emeigh today do not recall him.

When I attended high school (Cherry Tree High) we had Colonel Wagner's picture hanging in our homeroom...his first cousin, Maggie Davison, was one of our teachers. I vividly recall Wagner with his mustache, pipe, leather flying jacket, and white scarf...Lowell Thomas (the renowned radio newscaster) wrote a book about World War II heroes. These Men Shall Never Die is the title, and it included Wagner's story along with the same photo that I remember.

The people of Nanty Glo and Emeigh should be proud to know that Buzz Wagner once lived in their little towns.

Bill Scott

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