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Historical facts about Buelah

I was browsing through some of my old book collection and found an interesting page on Cambria County.

The book was authored by Lois Mulkearn & Edward V. Pugh. The title is "A Traveler's Guide to Historic Western Pennsylvania," 1953, University of Pittsburgh Press.

The article is as follows:

BEULAH (1 mile W. on "Beulah Road" [Pa. 45] from its jct. with U.S. 22, E. of Mundy's Corners), a Welsh colony founded in 1797 by the Rev. Morgan John Rhys (Reese), was designed to be the county seat. In May, 1797, his advertisement "about the Cambrian settlement" revealed that some families were already settled there. The advertisement was as follows:

Every purchaser of 400 acres is entitled to one acre, or four lots 58 X 125 in the town. Professional men and mechanics by building a house with a stone or brick chimney, and becoming residents before October 1, 1797 shall have the same privilege. Five hundred lots are for sale at $10.00 per lot payable in cash or valuable books.

The books were to "form a public library in the town." The town was laid out on the gridiron pattern (similar to Philadelphia) the following spring, and 395 acres were

given and sold for the sole benefit of the first settlers for public buildings, schools, a library, the encouragement of agriculture and manufacture and 200 acres in the settlement for the dissemination of religious knowledge.

By the end of the year there were approximately 300 inhabitants, two hotels, a store, a mill, a school, a church, and a circulating library of 600 volumes. The first post office and one of the earliest polling places in the county were located here. Nothing remains of the town except the old cemetery which is about one mile north of Beulah Road. The monument, erected by the Cambria County Historical Society, marks the site of the town.

Feel free to add to the "Forum" if deemed interesting.

Lou Hahl

Webmaster's Note: Many thanks, Lou. Deemed very interesting; I'll move it to its own Forum page after its introductory run here. —Jon

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