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More on a notable memory

I would have sent this directly to George (Dilling), but I couldn't locate his email address. I, too, am amazed at his wonderful memory. During the Christmas season I was one of the extra mail carriers for the post office, and I had George's route. The route went from the post office out to the railroad tracks at the bottom of Pergirm Hill, returned to town, then continued throughout town above the Wagner school all the way out to White Street. That was the turnaround point where I then worked my way back to town and the route ended at the Moose.

I am wondering if George's reference to the "Mexican swimming hole" in the sulphur creek is what we knew in the late 1940's as Mexico Crossing? This was where the "Trout Stream," in George's reference, entered the sulphur stream. Both of those waterways were involved in my graduate thesis in 1966/67. Topo maps for the area list the sulphur stream as the South Branch of the Blacklick and the "Trout" stream as Stewart Run. It is also interesting that the names of "Bath Tub," and "Belly Button," which George referred to as being on the South Branch of the Blacklick, were retained when the the stream became polluted. The same names were utilized for the swimming holes on Stewart Run when I was swimming there in the 1940's and 50's.

Bob Cunningham

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