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Amazed at Mr. Dilling's memories

Wow! I cannot help but be amazed at Mr. Dilling's memories and enjoy his reminiscing for us. I can remember that St. Mary's School had two libraries in the late '40s or early '50s, but I cannot remember any of the other locations he spoke of in his letter.

One was for the use of the school and was on the top floor straight back from the steps. I don't think anyone used it much. The one which was more of a public library was in the basement and you entered it into a vestibule area off of Roberts St. It was a small room immediately to the left and was equipped with several hundred volumes and about the size of a nice walk in closet.

As for the basement of St. Mary's, I can remember the stage, wild Scout meetings, and the first dance that I ever went to. I remember dancing with a female classmate for the first time in my life and thought that this wasn't a bad idea after all. I wonder what those rooms are used for now? Anyone know?

Paul Ceria

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