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A plug for the Cambria County Fair

I always enjoy returning to Cambria County during the Labor Day weekend (Sept. 5-11) to attend the Cambria County Fair. It's reported to be one of the largest county fairs in Pennsylvania. Most evenings at the fair, one begins to enjoy the cooler, refreshing air of beginning Fall weather, especially after enduring the summer heat. Also it's a time when I regale in listening to the songs of featured country artists. You can come early, bring your lawn chair and sit close to the performers. Featuring these artists rejuvenated the Fair several years ago after attendance appeared to be spiraling downward. Of course, the $6 admission fee entitling a fairgoer to see the country stars and participate in all exhibits and rides has very little influence on me. For the benefit of viewers planning to attend the fair, the performers are Sherri Austin (Sunday, Sept. 5), Mark Wills (Sept. 6-Labor Day), and David Lee Murphy (Saturday, Sept. 11). All shows are at 4 and 8 pm. If you browse through Country Weekly at your grocery checkout counter, you'll see that all three country stars are recognized and have top billing.

If country music is not to everyone's taste, there is the livestock area to tour. One farm family is featuring cows, one each of the following breed: a Brown Swiss; a Milking Shorthorn; a Guernsey; a Holstein; an Ayrshire (a new one to me), and a Jersey. These cows could prepare one for a good trivia question on a show like "Do You Want to Be a Millionaire" recently hosted by Regis Philburn.

Best Regards,
Frank Charney


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