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Looking for info on Buelah

The old town of Beulah may be gone, but definitely has not been forgotten. One of my fondest memories of home is Dad driving us down Beulah Road in the Fall. The cascading trees, the beautiful colors, the serene quiet of the woods, the blanket of leaves on the road ahead. When I became older my father told me the story of the old town of Beulah. How at one time it was to be the county seat, a community was begun, and then it was decided to move the seat to Ebensburg. He and many others my father's age tell of finding foundations throughout the woods surrounding Beulah Road in days gone by. Then there is the urban legend of the White Lady of Beulah.

Am curious if anyone out there knows where to find information on Beulah. So far my search has turned up empty. Would greatly appreciate any leads.

Thanks in advance,
Karen Howell

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