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Southern Cambria street car days

Around 1925, the Southern Cambria Street Car came in to Nanty Glo at least twice a day. There was a small station back of Levinson's store.

The Johnstown Newspapers came into town on the street car. The morning paper, The Johnstown Democrat, arrived at 6:40 a.m. We paperboys met the street car and carried the papers across the trestle to Dick McCullough's barber shop. It was located at First and Chestnut Streets in what is now the Post Office parking lot. The Tribune came in between 3:30 and 4 p.m. Later, these two papers merged into The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat.

The railroad company also had a streetcar going to Ebensburg. The switch for the two tracks was located somewhere around Vinco or Echo. There was also a small station at Woodland Park.

In those days, Woodland was a recreational area with picnic tables and, if I remember correctly, a large dance hall. People would come from Nanty Glo, Ebensburg, Johnstown, and surrounding areas to the park.

Woodland Park is the same Park area as in those days. However, today it is more a place for peple with campers and trailers.

George Dilling


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