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Ball field once had a grandstand


I can remember when the Nanty Glo ball field had a grandstand. It was located at the far end of the field next to the sulphur creek. I was too young to go to the games but I do remember playing around the grandstand. Behind it there was some type of wooden construction like a spillway that the water flowed over, and then fell down like a miniture falls. The water there was rather swift.

My brother was swept off there one day. I was not there at the time but one of his friends said he was about to jump in to rescue him when he was able to grab a tree limb and pull himself to safety. My brother was afraid of the water after that.

I did attend some of the games when Nanty Glo was in the Industrial League. By this time home plate was in the corner next to the gate. Three of the pitchers I remember were Don Zimmerman from Twin Rocks (Manager of the American Store), Freddy Regis, and Joe Peters.

One of the highlights was the day when "Rip" Collins, who played for St. Louis and was a member of the Gas House Gang, came back to his home town, played in one of the games and hit a home run over the right field fence into the creek.

Holidays were a special time in Nanty Glo. Along the road to the field was a bandstand where the local band would play during the day and I believe sometimes on Sundays.

There were shade trees on either side of the roadway. In the late 'twenties or early 'thirties there was a playground with swings, seesaws and slides.

George Dilling

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