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Seeking ancestral ties
in Nanty Glo

Hi, my name is Donna. You will probably have numerous individuals accessing your webpages as I have been working on my genealogy and have been contacting everyone I can find with a last name of Kortze. My Grandfather's name was Walter Kortze. He had five brothers and two stepsisters. His father's name was Simon Kortze. Children were/are in order of the oldest:

Frank (still alive at 86)

Simon Kortze married Jenny. Simon died in 1918 from the flu epidemic. Jenny remarried to Albert Glen and had two daughters: Ann and Mary.

Simon had 2 brothers: Peter and Willie. I have found many family members on Peter's side, but none on Willie's. When the parents of Simon, Peter, and Willie came to America via Ellis Island they were originally called Kvaraciejus. The name was changed to Kortze. I do not know if all the family came to Nanty Glo or just the one son, Simon.

When I told family to show the surviving son of Simon (Frank) your web site, he said it brought back many memories. He was able to show the church and his home from the old pictures. (Thank you for having those old photos available-they mean a lot). He was full of emotion.

My goal it to locate family on Willie's side. I have been unsuccessful so far. Also I can only go back to Simon's father's name of Kvaraciejus, but with no details. Can you help in any way?

Thank you,

Webmaster's note: I hope this helps. It might help if you have any other spellings or versions of the name (my name, Kennedy, for example, is found in about half a dozen different spellings and versions, including Canady). Also it might help to cite the nationality of the family name. —JK

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