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Web site helped in tracing family roots

Letter No. 13 | February 11, 1998

I want to say a special thank you to the people who maintain the Nanty Glo and Vintondale website. It was through this website that I was able to trace my family roots.

If I may explain. I was able to purchase the book, Delano's Domain: A History of Warren Delano's Mining Towns of Vintondale, Wehrum and Claghorn, from the Nanty Glo Library, whose address I got off the Nanty Glo Website. From this book and the head Librarian Ann Gongloff, I was put in touch with a wonderful lady by the name of Helen Balog Oravec, who was kind enough to provide me with some very helpful information on my Grandparents, Charles and Helen Kozar of Vintondale.

I also wrote to the author of Delano's Domain, a Mrs. Denise Dusza Weber, who told me that her brother had purchased my grandparents' home and had lived there for several years. She also provided me with names and addresses of people who knew my grandmother. So thank you; if you had not provided this website I would probably never have found out all this information. The people I have written to have gone above and beyond, they made my Grandparents seem to come alive for me and help me to know them and what kind of lives they may have led.

Helen Kozar Wetzel
email: jtw1@bellsouth.net

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