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Summer '99 recreation news

In response to a reply concerning the Nanty Glo Pool and the recreation of Nanty Glo's youth: The pool will be closed for the remainder of the 1999 summer. As for trips to White Mill or Adams Crossing, that has been replaced by trips to the Ebensburg Pool or a visit to Yellow Creek State Park. Also, it is amazing how many people in the Blacklick Valley area have their own pools! Friends get together to swim at each other's houses.

With the upcoming plans for a Flood Control Project, use of the Nanty Glo ball field will be in question after next year. This project plans to take away about 25 yards of the field area located nearest to Blacklick Creek. The Nanty Glo youth League (Little League), Legion and Pony League baseball, and the high school football team may be looking for new homes after next year.

Michael McDermott

Webmaster's note: Thanks very much for the update, Michael. The Ebensburg pool was there when I was a teenager, too, but I visited it only once, maybe twice at most. Adams' Crossing (which did have swimmers last time I was home) and White Mill were the places to go, especially if you had to walk or hitch rides. Now Yellow Creek State Park (which wasn't there in my youth)—no one would ever hitchhike there! And no, kids, I'm not encouraging hitchhiking, unless you're visiting Ireland. (It's like going back to 1955, you see.) —Jon

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