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In researching my "family tree" with a search engine, I included Nanty-Glo by name. I was just hoping to find info; imagine my surprise when I found your site!

My dad was born there (Robert D. Trexler, 1943) and has his best memories from the Glo and nearby areas. For my brother and I, Nanty Glo, Vintondale, Rexis, and Johnstown (and many others) were places that existed like Oz and Never-Never Land, truly magical!

Once my father brought me (he was military) to the area. I remember the awesome beauty and rich history he shared with me. He "went home," but I had done better than that, I MADE IT TO OZ! That my fantasy world was real was affirmed not with a pinch, but with ice cream! Dad had always told us the story of how Belsano got it's name (the doubtful bride version) and of how he and his brother (Bill) would gather old pop-bottles to return for the deposit. With their "booty" secured they would walk to Belsano and buy the best custard not made by God's own hand. Even if it wasn't as good as he remembered, it was enriched for me by the story he told. Even sour, it would still be a delicacy today.

I showed him the site, and am going to mention the Forum. The memories shared will no doubt wet his hand (this is how the water gets there...he is NOT teary-eyed)!

Oh yeah...if anyone can share info about the Trexler-Hagens-Bennett-White Families of the area, PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT ME at PSW690@arkansas.net.

Thank you again for this site!

Pam (Trexler) White

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