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Webmaster's note: The following was received in February and "lost" in a deluge of email. My apologies to the writer and you all for the oversight. And to anyone else who may have felt ignored, please be assured the ignorance is unintentional. And keep trying!—jon


Thanks so much for the V'dale web page. This is Denise Dusza Weber, author of Delano's Domain, vol. l, which is now sold out. A couple of answers and corrects on your Vintondale page. Balog Street is called Chickaree Hill. On your slide show of the Vintondale Homecoming last September, you included a slide of Twin Rocks—Dugan's Hotel was on the left hand side. The Hungarian Church still has services about once a month. The minister comes from the Hungarian Reformed Society's old folks home in Ligonier, where incidentally my dad, Steve Dusza, spent several years as a child in their orphanage.


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