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Kudos from the frozen north


Have seen the Nanty Glo website in passing several times, but this is the first time I stopped to check it out a little. A nice service to those of us from afar now who continue to call Nanty Glo home. The Kupchella family is a fairly major presence in the Nanty Glo area; all five of my brothers live in and around Nanty Glo; Mom still lives on Caroline Street; lots of other relatives there and so we get back often. Adele (Kiel) (grew up in Portage) and I have been away from NG for about 35 years; our three kids and four grandchildren live in Virginia, Minnesota, and Kentucky. We now live in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where I serve as President of the University of North Dakota. Our winters here make Nanty Glo look like a tropical paradise. We hope you keep up the web page—a great way to visit from a distance.

Chuck Kupchella

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