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New Nanty Glo food
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Just wanted to welcome a new business to Nanty Glo. Al Farabaugh of Nanty Glo has just opened Al's Pizza at the site of the old Charlie's Shoes. I don't want this to be meant as an advertisement, but would like to welcome this new business and wish him all the success in the world. It's always nice to see that someone would locate a business in our small town. His menu includes pizza, tacos, strombolis, etc., and he has tables where you can just sit for awhile. I have two children who enjoy just walking downtown and getting a slice of pizza for something to do, and it's nice to see young people having a place to go. If you could include a little something on your Nanty Glo page about this to let others know, he hasn't done any advertising and at present doesn't even have a menu you can take home, but I want to wish him the best and hope he succeeds in his new venture.

Thanks, Sandy Getz

Webmaster's note: We're always glad to hear about new businesses in Nanty Glo and there's no problem with giving them a "free plug." Hmmm...tacos in Nanty Glo? There's another thought that never crossed my mind till now! —Jon Kennedy

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