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Dear Jon,

You mentioned visiting Levinson's when you were very young. The earliest I remember of that building it was occupied by Abe Book and his brother Karl. I do not remember of ever being in the store so I do not know what kind of a store it was. It may have been a clothing store.

The next occupant was Milford (Slim) Emery. He had a grocery store called the Quality Market. From there he moved to the Miner's Building and then to the present location of the Nanty Glo News Stand, formerly Deitrich Hardware. (Not sure of the correct spelling).

Abe Book started delivering meat from somewhere along Route 422 and then he opened a meat market in the Book building across from St. Mary's School. Mert Wilkinson was the meat cutter.

The earliest occupants of that building were Will Hunter Jewelry store and S.H. Zimmerman Electric Co. I do not know if he was connected to Penn Central Light or not.

I do remember of once riding in the back ot the store truck to go to White Mill to swim. Adam Barr worked there at the time and he drove the truck. Coming home he had to back up the hills because of the flow of gas.

Continuing down Roberts street to the Donofsky Building...the Odd Fellows Lodge used the hall on the upper floor for their meetings.

Across the alley in the upstairs of the bank building was a room used by Chat Davies as his Justice of Peace office in the late '30's and early '40's.

I am not certain if T.P. Burns had his office there earlier when he served as Justice of Peace. Towards the rear of the bank were three offices. My father had the middle office and on either side were the Telephone Exchanges. Nanty Glo had both Bell Telephone and The Johnstown Phone. We had both phones in our house and you had to count the rings to know if the call was for you. To make a call, you had to turn the crank on the side of the phone and when the operator answered you gave her the number you wanted. Some of the operators were: Alice Rinehart, Elva Smith, Maggie Hyland and Grace (Shaner) Alexander.

The only occupant that I can remember of being in the next building was Dr. Porias' Office in the front room. He later moved into the little building next to the bridge and was there until moving to the corner of Roberts and Caroline.

My wife said she remembers Penn Central Electric being in that little building at one time. Richard Hakanen's mother, Isabelle, worked there,

George E. Dilling..0

Webmaster's note: My first well paying job was for Penelec, as editor of their Pennsylvania tour guide while still editor of the Journal, but I didn't know till now that it had formerly been Penn Central Electric! Nor did I know there had been Bell Telephone service in Nanty Glo, though I'm not surprised that ever-independent-minded Johnstown had its own phone company (apparently incorporated into General Telephone when it was formed?). I remember a man who used to walk along Route 422 whom my Dad called "old Bookie." In fact, I believe he was hit by a vehicle and killed; wonder if he was the Mr. Book you mention? Also, your story of having to back up hills on the way back from White Mill reminds me of a favorite unforgettable event when I was 17. Louis Scansarolli, John Golias, Mike Shutak (the younger) and I were in Punxsatawney with Dick Millward (also the younger, in 1959 anyway) when Dick's generator failed. We drove all the way back to Nanty Glo by moonlight, using flashlights out the windows and flashing the headlights momentarily when there were oncoming cars...wondering if the battery would make it, but it did.

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