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Class of '62 alum remembers
growing up here

I am new to e-mail and this is my first computer, an iMac which has a tendency to send mail before the letter is finished.

I grew up in Nanty Glo, and the article on Levinson's Department Store brought back so many memories. Thank you.

I graduated from Nanty Glo Vintondale HS in 1962. You may have known my brother Stanley Mckavish, who passed away about six years ago, and Simone Mckavish- Szekeresh is my sister. Some family history.

Your home page was fascinating, just fascinating. Especally the photograpy info about Eisenstadt (photographer/Life). I am a photographer, artist, have worked as a professional for about twenty years in the city [New York].

I may have some suggestions about how one may be able to get some prints or some other forms of graphics concerning those photos of Nanty Glo. That man [Eisenstadt] is one of the "greats in photography." Let me know if I can be of any help.

Kind of busy right now, but in the future could make some calls if needed. When I figure out more about "internet life" I will put my name on the [list] recieving news of Nanty Glo website.

Farewell and thanks again,
Delilah Mckavish

Webmaster's note: I remember Mckavish as a familiar local name but don't remember making any acquaintances until now (nice to meet you). I'm sure you could make some good contributions to the site and look forward to hearing more from you.


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