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An 'Old Gloer' remembers

I remember the Heisley Company Store. It was really the only place for people to shop. It carried everything and things were charged. Their office was in an open upper room and they had little recept boxes that ran on a pully back and forth from department to office. Miners, particularly, used this during strikes and this debt was taken from their pay before their check or money was paid.

They also had a garage to do car work and get gas. This was a unique system and kept the miners fully in debt. My father was non-union, and we used the store anyway. Food, clothes and drugstore. It seemed miners had to work a lot to make up for strike losses and they did hard, dirty work. Wives had to clean clothes and have bathwater ready for them. [There were] no mine showers in those days. I am sure many remember this. Just a small fact (I hope). I am sure there will be corrections.

I hope this is of some interest.
Old Nanty Gloer


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