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Tom Hawksworth

This is not really meant as a tribute to my brother Tom, but just saying good things. Tom loved Nanty Glo and drove out to visit on his last trip from Tulsa. He really enjoyed going to see his old friends. Since Aunt Minerva (is) gone, no one in the family is around. Mother Marie is buried in Connemaugh.

Tom enjoyed Beatty Ragley, Joe Mesasos and many old friends as well as places. He worked for his dad in the power plant for years. I am glad you saw fit to remember him so highly. I am sure it was good for his daughter, Maggie Hackler, also. She is struggling but through your pages she is learning of her dad's young years. I don't feel it wrong to go back and remember, it's like a form of relaxation.

Thank you Jon,
Tom's sister Joanne

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