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Nostalgia for old
Nanty Glo days

Reading this news about NantyGlo and its inhabitants and former such is a nostalga letting one escape into the past. I keep in touch thru an old schoolmate but never really gave much thought till I started writing to her. Betty C. and I were in the class of 1949.Yooo. Tom Dongilla and many others. I often wonder how all are doing. I don't get back there but my brother Tom Hawksworth took time when he came from Tulsa to stop and see old friends and areas. It was nice to see picture of him in church in Uniform in 1943. He was home on leave. He was a true native who cared. Not many left anymore and his loss takes one of the best away. I guess I have spent enough time on memories and life is to go ahead. Thanks for all the news and again memories.

Joanne [Fedorchik]

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