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Dear Jon:

It was sad to hear of the passing of Tom Hawkworth. My condolences to his family. Tom will be missed by all who frequent this web site. Just read Frank Charney's report on his annual trek to the cemeteries. My brother had told me the same regarding the Shadow Box, as he purchased his flowers there also. We had always taken care of the Ceria and Simendinger grave sites prior to our move to Orlando, Florida. My brother is now the new caretaker.

To Frank Charney:

Thank you for the iinformation on Nancy Phillips. I knew her well,having worked in the same building as the company store. My sister, Arlene worked with her in the post office. Was also glad to hear about Paul Serluca. I also knew his wife, Ruth. You asked where Paul Batulis was........I don't know. The family had moved when I returned from the service. This web page has been very interesting and we owe Jon a round of applause.

Rah Rah Rah
Paul Simendinger

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