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Memorial Day in
Nanty Glo

Hello Jon,

My wife and I made our ritual trip from Alexandria, Virginia, to the Nanty Glo area to visit the cemeteries of deceased parents and relatives for Memorial Day, and perform the task of decorating graves. We went to a floral garden called the "Shadow Box," located between Ebensburg and Carrolltown, to buy flowers. The "Shadow Box" is almost a local tourist attraction, since it has a surprising display of flowers, hanging baskets, and lawn ornaments. I would recommend visitors to tour the place.

After purchasing the live flowers, we began the arduous task of decorating graves at both Holy Name Cemetery and St. Mary's . Besides my wife's parents and a brother buried in the same plot at Holy Name in Ebensburg, we also decorate the separate grave of a brother who, as a youngster, was tragically struck and killed by lightning that followed a clothes line wire into the house. At St. Mary's Cemetery in Nanty Glo is the site of my parents and maternal grandparents. At the adjourning Russian Orthodox Cemetery are my paternal grandparents. Both grandmothers also had second spouses after they were widowed. You can readily see why Memorial Day keeps me busy!

I keep vowing that I'm going to do a genealogy search of my ancestors someday. A female cousin from Detroit did half the work 20 years ago. Without benefit of a computer or program, the cousin traced my mother's Polish ancestry (Komerosky) back to the early 1800's to a small town 75 miles east of Warsaw. Meanwhile, I know nothing about the Charney ancestry, except that my paternal grandparents came from Austro-Hungary. A Jewish doctor with my surname once inquired about my background. Maybe I might learn something I didn't know!

Interestingly, I saw an article in the Ebensburg News Leader titled "Use caution in cemeteries" during my visit. At first I thought it was about lone females, but the article describes a six-year-old boy who was injured in the Lloyd Cemetery at Ebensburg when a tombstone fell on him. An adult relative tripped and tried to grab the stone for balance. Meanwhile the 400-pound stone toppled onto the boy standing nearby and broke his leg. This was certainly a freakish accident, but indicates the caution one must always exercise, especially with small children.

To Paul Simendinger...I also noted the recent passing of Mrs. Nancy (Paul) Phillips, a longtime Revloc resident, at 88 years of age. Nancy worked at the Revloc Company Store for 11 years and also 38 years as a postmistress for the US Post Office. At the time of her demise, she was at a rest home in Missouri.

I noted the recent forum letter from Mr. George Dilling with his excellent description of old Nanty Glo landmarks. As a youngster, I remember George as a mailman delivering mail to my parents' house, and also a Brethren minister. Now George can add knowlegeable computer user to his resume.

Best Wishes,

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