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Tom Hawksworth passing reported

Tom Hawksworth, a Nanty Glo native and occasional correspondent to this department, died of cancer on Saturday, May 8. His sister, Carmen Archer, writes:

I have some very sad news for all: my brother, Tom Hawksworth, passed away on May 8th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He really enjoyed the Nanty Glo home page and informed me about it, so I have been watching it for quite some time.

I will try to be more active in the future and I would like to know if there are any Members of the Class of 42 still around town...?


Mr. Hawksworth is the first active member of our online community to pass away, and will be missed. Check these references for...Tom's first letter to the Forum and a photo of him as a young man,...his last letter to the Forum...his daughter's letter about his illness.

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