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A mailing address for
Tom Hawksworth

Letter No. 102 | April 27, 1999

Webmaster's note: I asked Maggie Hackler, daughter of occasional Forum correspondent Tom Hawksworth, if she'd care to supply a mailing address where well-wishers can send cards and notes. This is her reply.

Thanks so much for thinking of us, and it would be a great idea to have his address where someone can send him cards and well wishes.

I wanted to let you know a little about my Dad. He's a very intelligent, sharp-witted, social man, who retired from American Airlines after 35 years. He raised 10 kids and all but three of us were born in Johnstown, Pa. Although my parents are no longer married to each other, my mom and her parents are from Nanty Glo, too.

I copy any new letters to the forum and take them to the hospital for Daddy to read. Frank Charney's letter, and your mention on the end, really touched him and we thank you both so much! [He has] melanoma and [it] has spread into his lungs, liver and of course his brain. He will be starting radiation this week and hopefully can go home and get back to his computer in two weeks, so keep looking for his letters!

Daddy's mailing address is:

Tom Hawksworth
1946 N. Elwood
Tulsa, OK 74106

Thank you again....

Maggie Hackler


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