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Letter No. 10 | January 1, 1998

Hello, I entered Nanty Glo as a search on Yahoo and your site came up. I just had to look. I was born in Johnstown, but lived in Nanty Glo for 21 years, until I moved to Maryland. My mother's family (Kozlovac) are all still there, as is my father (Mehalko), and my sister. In fact, you mentioned the restuarants in Nanty Glo. I think my grandparents (Nick and Barbara) ran a pizza restaurant in town, as well as my parents (Betty and Bill Mehalko). I visit Nanty Glo about once a month, so if you need info, let me know! I think your site is great.

S. Mehalko
"A fellow Gloian"

The webmaster responds: I actually got the idea for the Nanty Glo Home Page by doing a search of Nanty Glo on Yahoo, then all the other popular search engines. There was quite a bit of oblique reference material, but nothing that attempted to do the place justice (nothing on Nanty Glo comparable to George Warholic's great treatment of the Ghost Town Trail, for example). So, an idea was hatched and, as they say, the rest is history.

Jon Kennedy

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