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Letter No. 1 | September 1997

I visited your page tonight—it is great! I enjoyed your stories. This is a great way to share info.  I have been doing some genealogy research on the web and I am amazed at the contacts I made -- even about a half dozen distant relatives. What is really amazing is that maybe only about 20 percent, at most, of the population has access to the web. Areas like Nanty Glo and Blacklick Twp have limited access except possibly through school systems and places of employment.

I wondered why you were doing a page on Nanty Glo—now I know the rest of the story.  I think it is a great place to live and the people there are the friendliest I ever met. I might return there after I retire but I don't know if I will be able to handle those winters again.

—George Warholic (Bethesda, MD)

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